Fundation & Evolution

Founded in 1996, INPPROD is specialized in distribution of fluids conduction and control products, fire protection and HVAC equipment and accessories and other piping and hydraulic products for construction, manufacture, mining, oil and other heavy industries.

After having consolidated a leadership in hydraulics and piping systems long term agreements in large scale projects in Venezuelan market, for fire protection, HVAC and other applications for construction, mining, oil applications, INPPROD starts an international expansion in 2003/2004, with the opening of its subsidiary in Costa Rica and Miami.

As of 2008, the corporate headquarters has been moved to San José of Costa Rica, as part of the new plan of the company's business. In 2017 was the kick off for the operations of Nicaragua´s branch, from where also projects in El Salvador and Honduras are shipped.

Since 2015, the development of products under our ARMOR brand began. At present 10 companies in 4 countries, carefully selected, having inspected their facilities, production processes and quality control, under the most demanding international standards, and complying with the certifications required by the regulations that govern our different markets and applications. During 2018, new products will be added to the ARMOR line, to meet the requirements of our customers.


To provide reliable and timely solutions that satisfy our customers’ expectations, with quality standards on products and services, profitable operations and supporting professional and economic development for employees and local community.


To become a regional leader in quality services and operations volume in our major product lines.