Balancing And PICV Valves

Manual balancing


On/ Off And Regulation Valves


Lug Butterfly and Grooved Ends

Gate with threaded, grooved and flanged ends

Globe with threaded ends

Check with threaded, grooved and flanged ends

Triple Duty Valves


Pressure Gauges

Thermometers & Thermowells

Pressure Switches

Pressure transmitters

Steel Pipe

A53, Sch.40, 20 or 10, Plain and Beveled Ends

PPR And PVC Pipe Pre-Insulated

Pre-insulated PPR pipe and fittings

Thermofusion Equipment

Pre-insulated PVC pipe and fittings

Strainers & Flex Joints

Strainers with Flanged, Grooved or Threaded Ends

1 or 2 spheres flexible joints, with threaded and flanged ends.

Anti-seismic Loop flexe Joints

Steel Hose Type Flex Joints

Grooved System

Flexible & Angle Pattern Couplings

Std Radius, 1.5D AND 3D Elbows and tee

Mechanical, Conventional & Reducing Tees

Caps & Hole Caps


Check & Butterfly Valves

Weldable Accessories

Elbows, Tee, Flanges and Reductions.

Anchors, Hangers & Accessories

Drop-In, Vertigo, Beam & C-Clamps

Loop & Clevis Hangers

Threaded Rods

Strut Channels & Accessories